Struggle snuggle?

I’ve truly been meaning to post but sometimes life gets busy and is like, “No bitch, you do work!” So I’ve been doing work… people don’t really seem to grasp how much I have to do or what I have already done… and because of that I grow understandably bitter and start comparing others lives with my own. (Don’t ever do that. Comparison truly is a thief of joy. It is pointless.)

At first I get really pissed off that some stay-at-home mom/wife is complaining that she needs “ME time” or “could really use a break” when, as a single parent I go, “LOL WHAT IS ME TIME? WHAT IS BREAK? You’ve had like 12 spa days since the last time I did. Shut up. Now.” Then I realize… my life is not that bad. I truly don’t wish the hardships (lol not getting spa days are hardships?) I deal with on other people, especially those I like. I’m happy that about 80% of the women I know that are married get to enjoy the luxury of staying at home while their husband works. That’s awesome and good for them. But… that was not my lot in life. I’ve been raising a son on my own since I was 21. It’s been a constant struggle. There has been very little in the way of “help” aside from my mother, who has provided daycare so I could work and helped me pay my cell phone bill more times than I can count. It’s hard to constantly hear and take judgement from people around you that are completely ignorant to what it is I do. How hard my struggle is, just how much I sacrifice, how strong I have to be, how far I’ve had to make a dollar stretch. But honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It has taught me to let go of the things that are unimportant and to hold on tightly to your values above all else. I’ve learned that other people’s negative opinions about me being a single parent are nothing but ignorance. No matter how much money and stuff one has they can still be completely ignorant.

Comparing your life to someone elses is a sure fire way to either make you feel a false sense of pride, guilt, or completely rob you of any joy you have in your own. Don’t do it. Life is so short…. you might as well try your best to understand where others are coming from while still enjoying your life, no matter how much harder you have it than Sally Bigtits.

Now I’m gonna go drink some tea and post some new prints to my shop, good day!