Feels and delays.

I had plans to have 20+ products added to my store between my last post and this one. I’m pretty bummed it didn’t get to happen just yet but I am proud to say it had nothing to do with procrastination. New products will be posted about two weeks from now.

I’ve been terribly busy lately with two siblings graduating high school, work, and my son finishing up the school year. I’ve also managed to get my drivers license (yes, for the first time ever. *shock/awe*) and completely change my diet, which had been in transition for months. But I’m happy to say it’s not impossible to do on a tight budget. I mean, I still can’t afford everything I’d like in my diet, like raw milk and fresh pressed blueberry juice, or organic supplements, but I am still eating mostly fresh. I’ve also started exercising again, which is kind of a big deal. I haven’t exercised a lot in the past 3 years beyond bedroom activities, plus I’d been living REALLY unhealthy and was diagnosed with a blood-clot in my leg twice. The hard part of beginning to exercise regularly is the first 1-2 weeks. After that you feel like you’re being denied something when you DON’T work out. I’m still motivated at the moment. So I hope to keep up with that.

In relation to the diet and exercise/health/life changes I’ve made in the past few months I’ve also become more positive in general. Maybe it has something to do with my frame of mind, the food could definitely have something to do with it, but all I know is I find myself trying always to be positive no matter what. Believe me, I’m a big ol’ pessimist and a sour puss and a worry wart and all of that by nature. It’s not easy sometimes to bite my tongue when a razor sharp comment is right there but I really have come a long way. Life is too short to be negative, even if people think it’s funny or you’re right or witty. Sometimes words are just words but they really can cut deeper than any knife. I find it hard to not automatically react in kind when someone says something negative about me. I’m known for my feistiness. (Most of which is a defense mechanism. If you’re already on the defensive people don’t dare take a stab at you.) But I honestly think the best thing to do is ignore it. To stop and remember that we don’t know what a whole lot of people are going through in their everyday life. When someone tries to push their negativity on you or your children just remember that for one reason or another that person must be very unhappy. I won’t pretend it’s all that comforting but really, the old saying about “an eye for an eye makes everyone blind” holds a lot of truth. If I can’t be the bigger person, I can’t expect anyone else to be. I can only control myself and my actions, not other peoples.

Anyway, any residual hostility comes in handy during cardio, so there is that!