Grandma’s First Tattoo

It’s funny how plans go out the window in the wake of several electricity outages over the course of the day. On the bright side though, I did get several crochet bows finished that I’d been working on.

So… no crafty post today but instead I will share with you the story of my 81year old Grandmother getting her first tattoo recently. She got it done a couple of weeks ago. She’d planned to go with my brother, who is joining the Marines in May, but he decided not to get his done until after boot camp. So she went with my Aunt instead. Everyone was sort of shocked because she’s always talked with pure disgust about everyone else’s tattoos, mine included. But as she put it, she’d done everything else naughty except this, so she wanted to. She’s a spunky old gal and I am always proud to call her my Grandma…. especially with her new ink. It’s nothing spectacular or amazing… just…


(It’s still healing, but we ran into her at the fabric store so I snapped a picture.) It’s supposed to be Apple of my eye. The letters stand for Kids, Grandkids, and Greatgrandkids. 🙂 I think it’s pretty sweet. She’s such a badass. I hope I’ll be that badass at 81.