First off, my apologies, blog. I’ve been neglecting you. I’m sorry. Just give me one more chance, girl. I promise I’ll make good on this by updating more regularly.



Ok but seriously… while I’ve been waiting for my beach sand to dry (it almost dried, then got attacked by the sprinkler twice) and the vials I’ve ordered to arrive I’ve been focusing more on reading and working out. If I could do both at the same time I could probably work out non-stop, but my eye sight sucks sitting still so I doubt I could manage unless I had a projector or something. Anyway, I really hate working out in general. Not because I hate being active or looking/feeling better, but I hate being sweaty and stinky and it’s usually SOOOOOO boring. My mind needs to be occupied with like 3 things at a time. If it wasn’t for music I don’t know how I’d work out at all.

They always tell you diets don’t work, and that’s completely true. I happen to know of several that WILL give you dramatic weight loss results, but they aren’t healthy and you WILL gain the weight back if you don’t suddenly become a healthy eater with a work out routine over night. So this time when I decided to change all of my terribly unhealthy habits and turn them around I started slowly…. over the last 4 months I’ve changed the way I think about eating. I’ve made conscious decisions to eat healthier things and to educate myself to why exactly they’re better for me. How the bad things are bad, what they do. How the good things are good, and what benefits they garner.

Now, don’t get it twisted. I love some things that, in excess, are super unhealthy. Like… salted-caramel anything (but especially ice cream.) Or deep fried anything. Or cheese, anyway you got it. I still eat what I want I just have more will power. I know that if I want some ice cream I can’t eat it after 7pm. And I don’t need a whole pint. If I want some fries and I’m out with family, I have some. But that’s once, maybe twice a month instead of several times a week.

I’ve had great results with working out before but I wasn’t eating right then. I was just eating next to nothing, so when I moved jobs and was suddenly sitting behind a desk 5 days a week I gained it all back. So…. let’s hope after watching several documentaries on how being a lazy lard ass is REALLY bad for me, along with articles talking about how people who live sedimentary lives die sooner, it’ll keep motivating me.

Being a positive person in general helps too. Healthy mind = healthy body.

I’ve got a lot of crafty posts in the works but this one had just been sitting in drafts for days so  I had to come back and get things together.


I went out and did my 2 miles despite the ridiculously disgusting weather we’ve got locally. I didn’t cut my walk short when I felt like I was dying.