Free time is the best time.

I really love my free time. I value it greatly. Sometimes I spend it with friends or family but for the most part, when I get a chunk of time to laze around, I make stuff. I’m sure lots of people do. Some people like sports. Some like to garden. Some take weekend trips. Me? Most of the time I’d rather be home amongst my supplies, making something or organizing.

This weekend I got a little bit of both in, first there was food, drinks, cards, and laughs at Travis and Eric’s. So much fun it’s probably illegal somewhere..

(Travis makes the best Strawberry Daiquiris ever.)


Then on Saturday evening I decided it was time to sketch out and paint my galaxy princess! Snow White is my favorite so here she is. I might embellish the stars more. I’m not sure just yet. But I’m happy with her! I posted these photos to instagram as I went.


I’ve got some new fruity accessories for the shop but out of pure laziness I haven’t photographed them yet. Maybe I’ll go do that now! When they’re up I’ll have a shiney new post for you, but for now I’m gonna go drink some sweet tea in the sun and try to motivate myself to take and edit photos. 🙂 Hope you’re having a great Sunday!