So last weekend we went to Avila Beach…. which is pretty much heaven on Earth, if you ask me. Being native to Southern California most of my childhood was filled with regular spring and summer trips to the beach. “The beach” could actually be any beach really. There are several that hold memories for me but Avila is a family favorite. It’s got all of the things a beach should have, in my opinion. Salty air, tide pools, fishing, boating, fantastic boardwalks, camp sites, beautiful stores and restaurants. I took lots of pictures so I’ll share a few now… I will be posting later about my newest crochet project!

And a word to the wise, ALWAYS wear sunscreen. I don’t generally peel when I get a burn it just fades to a tan… but lotioning twice a day is important! I didn’t do it this time and suffice to say my chest looks terrible right now.

IMG_5841 IMG_5874 IMG_5919 IMG_5927 IMG_5910 IMG_5889 IMG_5890 IMG_5902 IMG_5866 IMG_5868 IMG_5864 IMG_5994