First things first.

When I decided to start up a blog for the first time in 10 years (yes, that’s right, I blogged before everyone and their grandmother even knew what a blog was) I didn’t expect such a horribly shitty thing to happen on the exact same day. Since I had no way of knowing such a thing would happen, obviously, I didn’t expect to address it. There isn’t a lot I can say though. My heart goes out to everyone in Boston affected by this tragedy. Actually, strike that, my heart goes out to all of the kind-hearted, decent human beings in not just this country, but everywhere who heard about it and felt deep sadness to hear and see so many innocent victims suffering. I make a point not to watch the news generally, but the television was on some silly cooking show for background noise and *BREAKING NEWS* popped up and I just had to look. I get most of my news from friends, family, and various forms of online media indirectly, usually, but there it was…. in living color. Live for the whole world to absorb. As I type twitter has informed me one of the confirmed dead is an 8 year old child. It’s sickening and sad. There aren’t words for situations like this but I’m desperately trying to look on the bright side. There is always a bright side. It was really heart-warming to see so many people on the tv scrambling to help those who were hurt. There are lots of good people in the world… I need to remember that in times like these.

Another tragedy to hear about was the mustard tiger himself Richard Collins (who played Phil Collins on the show Trailer Park Boys) passed away unexpectedly. They’re currently filming Trailer Park Boys 3 and Collins was reprising his role as Philadelphia Collins for the movie. It sure puts a damper on my excitement for the new movie… :\ As Mike Smith said, RIP Buddy.

My “true” first blog post will come shortly, but I would have felt like a jerk if I didn’t address the current events, even if they’re unhappy ones. Sometimes it’s hard to keep a light-hearted approach to the world around me but I’ll try to do my best when it comes to blogging in the future, friends!