Starfish Baby blanket project is a go!

I’ve been coming up short with ideas for crochet projects. I’ve made purses, bows, coasters, blankets, pot holders…. but I just wasn’t getting inspired. Nothing is more inspiring than a family member or friend getting pregnant. As it so happens, my cousin is now pregnant with her third child. The babies room is already decorated with an under the sea theme (it’s really amazing, actually) so since they want the sex of the baby to be a surprise this time I knew which colors I’d be using I just wasn’t sure which design I wanted. Well thanks to Tiffany  I saw this lovely pattern on Ravelry. I’ve seen the star pattern before and always thought it was lovely but for some reason never tried it myself. I never really had a reason to. But I work better with visual instruction so I had to find a youtube tutorial that was comparable. The one I’m using is slightly different than the Ravelry pattern but just as pretty. I’ve only just started today and for all the breaks I’ve taken I’ve got a good chunk done already.

Img_130524143145 Img_130524170038 Img_130524143248

I LOVE the yarn color and I’ll be throwing in a silvery gray stripe every now and again as I go. This weekend is meant to be for relaxing, creating, reading, and cleaning. I need a pedicure I need to take care of the peeling from this sunburn, I need a facial, and everything could use some reorganizing. I honestly never thought I’d get to the point where the things I just listed would be things I actually looked forward to doing but I guess I’m growing up. And there’s always next weekend for doing tequila shots off a stripper.

Also, I really enjoy photoshopped pictures of Nicholas Cage. Enjoy your weekend!