If being busy were the same as being successful I should have more $$$

Unfortunately for me and a whole lot of others being busy has nothing to do with making big bucks. Never the less, I am super busy and I’m loving it.

Aside from a whole slew of new things going on (omg, I’m actually going to have a room to use for a studio!!) I have sooo many new items to list on my shop. Poison apple rings, delicious crocheted pillows, prints, paintings, oh my! The thing is… a lot goes in to actually listing a product. Even though I use etsy, which simplifies things greatly, I still have to take photographs, then edit those photographs (lest they look unprofessional and gross), measure everything, write a listing, and finally enter all that information along with prices/shipping on etsy. It’s way more time consuming than it should be but I can’t figure how to do it any faster.


Anyway, between setting up my new room/studio and cleaning like a ninja I’ll have lots of new exciting updates in the shop. I’ll also be blogging weekly, posting free crochet patterns, and by mid-March I’ll have uploaded my first video tutorial! I’m excited about the upcoming months. I hope you are too! New site design in the near future as well.


This post is short but sweet. Yes, I’m still alive. Yes, Cheeseburger Dragon has big plans. The future is looking bright!


I hope 2014 is being kind to you. Thank you for following along with me.


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