Special Crochet Converse post!!

So a friend of mine recently posted this picture to my facebook asking if I could make her these shoes in kelly green.


I said, of course. I can duplicate most things by picture alone and this didn’t look complicated at all. It would take me a bit of time (a week, maybe two) but I’d manage to duplicate them and write a pattern as a did so. Lucky for me a simple google search lead me to the pattern, which had been translated from Finnish. It’s an incomplete pattern (some of the words translated incorrectly) but it was easy to figure things out and continue along.

The pattern which I found is free and AVAILABLE HERE! (I’ll be posting mine in english when my orders have been filled.)

Anyway, after finishing a pair several of my friends requested some so I decided to take the original photograph from the translated pattern and make a listing on my shop. Little did I know several other shoppers would be interested as well!

Anyhow. I promised some pictures once I’d finished another pair.

IMG_6695 IMG_6690 IMG_6686 IMG_6693 IMG_6694

This pair doesn’t fit me and I don’t really like to try my products on anyhow if I intend to sell them. (I just bought a pound of red yarn though, so while I finish up the orders I’m currently working on I’ll also make myself a pair, so as to advertise them modeled.) These are just stuffed but it gives an idea that I know what I’m doing, promise. 😉

The production is fairly quick on these so please bear with me. 2 weeks from transaction date is when they’ll be shipped, but typically I ship quicker. (Never know what life will throw me and crochet requires time and attention, so I need the two week bubble to work.)

Thank you to any people that have purchased these from me. I certainly didn’t expect them to be such a hit.


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