Oh oh oh new store name!


Cheeseburger Dragon, cause everything else is bullshit. (<-I happen to like that tag line but I am only kidding.) I really love the new name. I needed something that was different and stood out. I loved Viva La Cupcake and thought it up all by myself. Unfortunately, as is the way of the world, several other people in corners of the globe thought it great too. So, since I want the name to be more searchable on the net I had to come up with something new. Cheeseburger Dragon was my made up name for a pretend band. (Oh, alcohol!) So… here we are now!

Sorry it took so long for me to come back between updates. Things got crazy. But now that Halloween is less than 2 months off I’ve been working like a demon on new designs and projects. Exciting!

Here’s some of my most recent creations! Check it out.



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